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In this low interest rate environment, investors are increasingly searching for better returns on their cash than can achieved by just leaving their money sitting in the bank. In real terms, with inflation outstripping interest rates, it is actually costing them to leave money in their bank accounts as the real worth of money is being eroded by time.


On average, over the last 60 years, property has doubled every 7 to 9 years. An investment in property is an 'asset-backed' investment that you can tangibly see - unlike most stocks and shares. "As safe as houses" is a phrase often heard - for good reason.


Cammells Property invests in added-value property-based projects where the return on investment (ROI) is projected to exceed the return available from bank deposits. We look to partner or joint-venture with either 'cash-rich, time-poor' investors who would prefer us to manage the project or with 'cash-poor, time-rich' partners in other projects where we have certain skills-sets which they may lack.


1. New Build Developments


For the private investor, the opportunities to build a new house are quite rare as many of the available plots are sought after by self-builders who are looking to create a 'house of their dreams' and are less motivated by the ROI.


However, opportunities do arise and fortunately the barriers to entry are fairly high in comparison to property refurbishments as there is a much higher level of bureaucracy to deal with (planners, building regulations, 10 yr guarantee, etc) which some people would prefer to avoid having to bother with.


We have experience (learnt the hard way!) of building a new houses and apartments and are looking to use this knowledge to repeat the profitable exercise again.



2. Refurbishments

Many people have often thought about buying a house to do up whilst they live in it. In reality though, many factors prevent them from doing so. Subjecting their family and loved ones to excessive noise and dust over extended periods of time is a major factor, as is having the available cash resources to purchase the materials required or paying someone to finish the job they started! Far better for them to purchase a refurbished, modernised property, majority mortgage-financed, that they can move straight into.


We seek properties where there is scope to add-value, ie where the sales price of the property after refurbishment exceeds the cost of the purchase price plus the cost of the refurbishment. The refurbishment or renovations could include simply new bathrooms and kitchens or could include the addition of a conservatory or an extension. In some cases, reconfiguring the layout of the property gives rise to better utilisation of the available space allowing the addition of another bedroom as an example which may well give rise to an increase in the sales price of the property.

3. Commercial Conversions

On 15th April 2015, the previous temporary permitted development rights for converting offices to residential were made permanent.  The government's aim is to increase housing stock and these measures make it easier to turn underused office buildings into new homes.


We see permitted development rights as an opportunity for investors to help the Government reach its objective of providing new homes without having to negotiate the myriad of bureaucracy and planning rules.


We are actively seeking out such opportunities along the South Coast of England especially between the towns of Worthing and Bognor Regis.





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