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Featured New Builds

Lime Wood Place, Littlehampton

Completed in early 2020, this brand new development of 10 flats was a successful JV between us and local building firm FMC.

The previously disused car body repair shop now comprises 6 x 1-bed and 4 x 2-bed flats.


These beautifully appointed, well insulated apartments have been retained for the rental market and were all let out on ASTs within weeks of release.

Today they are providing tenants with modern, high quality, thermally-efficient accomodation at reasonably priced monthly rentals.

29 St Elmo Road, Worthing

This joint-venture project comprised a new-buid three-bed house in Worthing alongside a simultaneous refurbishment of a 1930's end-of-terrace 2-bed house next door.


We provided all finance, high-level project management, accountancy and administration whilst our JV partner oversaw on-site daily the refurbishment of the old house and the construction of the new build during 2014/2015.


After all costs, the project netted a greater than 25% return before tax which was shared 50%/50% with our JV partner.



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