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About Us


Hi, it's Howard & Veronique Cammell here!

We're the co-founders of Cammells Property Ventures and we're passionate about property.

Our interest in property investment started nearly 20 years ago with the purchase of three one-bed flats in Worthing, West Sussex at about the start of the Buy-To-Let revolution in 1996. When these doubled in value in under two years these cash-generating assets were foolishly sold and the capital gains ploughed into other non-property business opportunities.


Whilst Howard then worked extremely hard in building-up three successful internet based companies and Veronique worked even harder still bringing-up two boys and maintaining the family home, we stood by watching house prices rise and fall and rise again, each time regretting not taking part in the numerous property-based opportunities being presented to us. Fortunately, with the internet businesses now divested of and the boys off to Uni, we have recently been able to turn our focus full time to the business subject which today motivates us the most - Property!


So what do we do now? Well, either alone or with joint venture partners, we're actively:

i) looking for, and investing in, high-yielding, cash-flowing residential rental properties;

ii) searching for opportunities to add-value to existing residential properties (refurbishment, extensions, loft or garage conversions, planning gain, etc); and

iii) seeking underutilised commercial properties suitable for conversion to residential dwellings.




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